I'm sitting here at my computer during hurricane Matthew with a torrential downpour happening as I write.  Glad I'm at home and really glad we have power.

Back to fall decorating.  In years past I usually bought many mum plants and maybe one or two pumpkins to decorate my porch.  This year I wanted to try something new, so I did just the opposite.  I also tried my hand at painting a couple of pumpkins for a cute whimsical look.  To create the striped pumpkin, I purchased a large white pumpkin, (if you can't find white, paint a regular pumpkin all white using spray paint or acrylic craft paint.  I taped off the areas I wanted to stay white using blue painter's tape you can get at any home improvement store.  Seal the edges of the tape really well so paint does not seep onto your pumpkin where you don't want it.  Paint the stripes showing with black acrylic craft paint you can purchase at any craft store.  Let dry overnight, then carefully peel off the tape and lastly seal your pumpkin with a light coat of clear coat to protect the finish from the elements.

Hope you like my pumpkin!